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We do our best to provide legitimate and verified cryptocurrency airdrops and crypto bounties. However, as with any investment, whether it is your time, money or information, only you can verify if participating in Airdrops is right for you, we can not be responsible for any issues or losses due to factors beyond our control. Perform your own due diligence and make sure to never share your private information just to be safe!

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Is it Raining Down Free Crypto?

Yes, you can really receive free cryptocurrency via a phenomenon known as “airdrops”.  This is basically a marketing strategy used by cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain developers to help spread the word about their platforms, coins and tokens. Airdrops offer participating community members free coins for simply registering for the airdrop and creating a wallet address if they don’t already have one. If you have a few minutes of spare time, and you want to pad your digital asset portfolio with free cryptocurrency, then airdrops could be your best friend.

Airdrop Raining Free Cryptocurrency

Bounties are Similiar to Airdrops!

MORE COMING SOON! Please be patient and bear with us…

Bounties are Free…Right?

Bounties are another marketing strategy used by cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain developers to help spread the word about their platforms, coins and tokens. You get to do the work, and in return you earn coins for your time and effort. Bounties offer participants or “bounty hunters” free coins, or entries and chances to win free coins for simple tasks and services like tweeting a short message, shooting a Youtube video, creating a thread or leaving a comment on a Reddit post. Some tasks are easier and some harder and usually are aligned with how much effort is required. Rewards vary significantly, so choose wisely when deciding in which ones you wish to participate. If you want to pad your digital asset portfolio with “free” cryptocurrency, and you’re not afraid of a little work, then bounties can pay off big time if you have a knack for marketing or writing.

  • Earn Passive Income
  • Host Full or Shared Nodes
  • Wide Selection of Coins
  • No Tech Skills Required
  • Instant Staking Rewards
Masternode Hosting Service

Step Up Your Game With A Masternode

This type of node performs specialized functions on a blockchain. Masternodes are servers that are established by community members once they have fulfilled certain criteria, usually holding enough coins as collateral and setting up the server. With this type of coin, the network depends on Masternodes and owners of the Masternodes get more rewards than the PoS. This makes the Masternodes more profitable for investors. This type of knowledge and technology implementation is usually more than the average investor wants to contend with. That is why we have partnered with the most reputable Shared Masternode Hosting Service, owned and operated by a fellow veteran, Crypto Hash Tank. For a small 4% monthly operational fee they take care of all the technology and server requirements for you. You can start earning compounding residual crypto with your share of a Masternode.

Proof of Stake (POS) is a consensus algorithm that states a person can mine or validate block transactions and receive rewards according to how many coins he or she holds.

POS coins reward their coin holders with free coins for staking their coins and storing them in their crypto wallets. Similiar to stock dividends. You can’t leave your crypto on an exchange and earn rewards, you have to store the coins in an approved cryptocurrency wallet and the wallet has to be running 24/7 to earn rewards. Some investors who want more control of their digital assets set up their own server and run multiple wallets. The more cryptocurrency or Altcoin stored by a staker, the more mining power he or she has, and thus, the more rewards they will receive.

  • Contributes to blockchain security by keeping ownership relatively decentralized among a number of stakers
  • Encourages smaller coin holders to hang on to their coins, rather than sell them away in the open market
  • More environmentally friendly from an electrical perspective
  • Creates passive, residual income for the investor
  • Helps support the underlying project, coin and consensus
Some Popular POS Coins

    • NAV
    • DASH
    • NEO
    • PIVX
    • LISK
    • Vechain

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